Brow lift surgery results manifest well after full recovery

Brow lift surgery in Charlotte NC takes care of patients during, before, and after procedures. The difference in results will be seen after the patient has fully recovered.

The recovery period can be quite tricky since there are so many things you should not do. It is important to follow your surgeon’s recommendations to make sure the treatment results will be easy to note after the procedure.

This article explains some of the things you can expect after a brow lift surgery.

Dietary changes

As the anesthesia wears off, you may feel a little hungry shortly after the treatment. However, you won’t want to eat a large, chewy meal just after surgery. After a brow lift, it’s normally recommended that you start with liquid foods first. If you’re hungry after waking up or after the sedative wears off, try a bowl of not-too-hot soup or a smoothie. Wait until the following day or so to eat a large meal.

Increased need to go to the bathroom

When an endoscopic brow lift is performed, IV sedation is frequently used. While sedation has advantages over general anesthetic, you may experience one strange adverse effect. Because of the increased fluids given to you during the treatment, you may need to go to the toilet frequently in the first few hours after surgery.

You could want to set up shop near a restroom at home so that you don’t have to travel far if the desire strikes. Drinking plenty of water or other fluids in the hours following surgery can be beneficial. You’ll lose a lot of fluids due to the frequent bathroom stops, so make sure you’re drinking enough water to replace what you’ve lost.

Bruising and itching

In many situations, it takes a few days for swelling and bruising to become evident. When you look in the mirror two or three days after your brow lift, you may realize that your swelling is much more noticeable than it was on the day of your surgery. Don’t worry; by the fourth or fifth day, the swelling will have subsided. Around 10 to 14 days after surgery, many patients see a significant reduction in edema, allowing them to have a solid impression of their final results.

You can also experience itch over the surgery area. Avoid touching the area since scratching it can open up sutures and mess with recovery.

Work with the best brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte NC

For the brow lift surgery results to come out well, you should adhere to the above tips during recovery. Find the best brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte NC, to enjoy impressive results.

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