Botox prices differ for every patient 

Botox prices are different for every patient, so there is no set amount Charlotte, NC residents can plan to spend. Many different factors go into determining the cost so without a consultation it is difficult for patients to know what they will be spending on the procedure. The doctor should be able to give you a price estimate following a consultation and examination. 

 Not all types of facial wrinkles can be eliminated with the use of Botox 

Botox is often thought of as the cure all to help celebrities look younger and younger. So many people think Botox can eliminate all wrinkles on the face, however, that is not true. Botox works best on dynamic wrinkles which are wrinkles caused by the use of the facial muscles. Deep wrinkles require a different type of treatment which may cost more than Botox. Patients looking to eliminate frown lines, crows feet, and laugh lines are good candidates for Botox. 

 To eliminate the dynamic wrinkles on the face, the doctor will inject the solution directly into the affected muscle. This relaxes the muscle causing the wrinkle to disappear. It does take a few days for patients to see the results of the procedure.  

Botox is not permanent, so patients will need to have additional injections 

One thing patients need to consider when preparing for Botox is that the Botox prices given by the surgeon are usually just for one treatment. However, Botox is not a temporary solution and patients will have to pay for additional treatments if they wish to maintain the results.  

Botox typically lasts three to six months initially. Patients should monitor how long their results last the first time so they can plan how many times they will need injections each year to keep the results and budget accordingly. Some good news for Botox patients is that many people who have had Botox reported longer lasting results after multiple treatments.  

Many factors determine Botox prices 

Many different factors go into determining Botox prices for patients. The first factor being the cost of the product itself. Botox is often sold per unit, so the amount that a patient will need plays a role in the total cost. The type of Botox the surgeon has access to is also a contributing factor to Botox prices.  

Though many people may get excited when they find a good deal on Botox on their own, they should be careful before purchasing this product. There are many scams out there selling a bad product that can give patients poor results or other complications. Patients should listen to their instincts and be sure to get the procedure a reputable doctor’s office.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC patients looking to eliminate wrinkles on the face should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman offers a vast amount of experience and works hard to give patients the best results possible. Be sure to contact his office today to schedule a consultation to discuss the procedure, Botox prices, and any other questions you may have.