Botox cost is a common concern for potential patients 

Botox cost is a common concern people have when considering undergoing the procedure in Charlotte, NC. Since most people must pay for cosmetic procedures out of pocket, knowing what to save will help patients budget for the procedure. However, since it is not a permanent solution, patients will need to budget to have multiple injections to maintain the results.

Botox helps reduce wrinkles on the face 

Most people hear the word Botox and equate it with removing wrinkles. Others may hear the word and picture botched Botox jobs in which the patient has a frozen face and cannot move it or express emotion. However, when done correctly by an experienced doctor, Botox can help patients look younger in a natural way.  

 Botox works best removing wrinkles caused by the use of the facial muscles, known as dynamic wrinkles. Deep set lines resulting from other factors would benefit more from a different type of procedure. Botox can help remove crows feet, forehead wrinkles, and laugh and frown lines. The solution is injected into the muscle, which relaxes it and causes the wrinkle to smoothen out.

Many factors go into determining Botox cost 

Unfortunately, there is no set Botox cost. Many different factors go into determining the cost of the procedure. Following a consultation and evaluation of the need, doctors can provide patients with a quote, so they know how much to anticipate spending.   

Botox is frequently sold by the unit, so part of Botox cost is determined by how much a patient will need to achieve their desired results. If the surgeon needs to use a lot to remove the wrinkles, the cost will be higher. Another factor that plays into determining the Botox coast is the location of the office. Certain types of Botox may not be available everywhere, so the cost of what is available in your area plays a part in determining the price.   

Like most cosmetic procedure, patients should look out for scams that can give them undesirable results. Patients should be cautious of using discounted Botox or Botox with a price that is too good to be true. It is best to go to an experienced doctor and use their product.   

Botox typically does not require patients to miss work 

One good thing about Botox is it generally has a fast recovery, and most people will not need to miss work to recover from it. Many other cosmetic procedures require weeks of recovery which can put a strain on patient’s pocketbook. Botox, however, allows patients to return to work and activities almost immediately. Some patients may have bruising afterward but it generally fades quickly.  

Charlotte, NC’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents who are interested in learning more about Botox should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman offers years of experience and takes pride in giving patients the best results possible. Be sure to contact his office today to set up a consultation and get a quote for to see what Botox cost for you.