The facts about Botox®
Botox® is used by facial plastic surgeons to smooth out wrinkles and lines on the face. Used in low doses, Botox® relaxes or paralyzes the facial muscles providing the patient a smooth, clean facial appearance. Botox® treatments have gained popularity, mostly because it rejuvenates and refreshes the face without facelift surgery. Botox® is not as invasive as surgery, but shots should still be administered by a qualified and trained individual such as a facial plastic surgeon.
The results of a Botox® treatment are immediate, without any bandages or pain. When someone has a facelift, the procedure is extensive and the recovery can take up to several weeks or longer. The patient has bandages and stitches on their face for several days and will experience swelling and bruising. Even after the swelling and bruises disappear, a patient will not see the full results of their plastic surgery for several months. Swelling from Botox® injections disappears after a day or two and the results can be seen right away.

Less expensive than surgery
Botox® is also much less expensive than facial plastic surgery. It does not take much time for a facial plastic surgeon to administer the injection and the effects last from three to six months. Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman gives Botox® injections in his clinic in Charlotte. These injections are so quick and easy that you can get them on your lunch hour and go back to work.

Considerations before getting Botox injections
It is important to consult with a facial plastic surgeon before receiving Botox® injections. The procedure is safe, but some individuals may be allergic to the medication and experience unwanted reactions. Dr. Freeman, Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon does Botox® injections as a means of relaxing the facial muscles which create wrinkles and improving the appearance of laugh lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Dr. Freeman is experienced and specializes in facial plastic surgery. Considered an innovator in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Freeman developed and perfected a special technique for his Botox injections called the Botox® brow lift. Dr. Freeman’s procedure improves eyebrow position, as well as improving the appearance of wrinkles.

Best candidates for Botox®
Dr. Freeman believes the best candidates for Botox® injections are individuals with dynamic wrinkles. These are wrinkles formed as a result of repeated facial movements, such as wrinkles in the middle of the forehead. Anyone pregnant or breastfeeding should not get Botox® injections. Also, anyone suffering from a neurological disease should not use Botox. If your wrinkles or lines are on the lower part of your face, Dr. Freeman may recommend injectable fillers instead of Botox® injections. If you have any health issues or medical conditions, be sure and discuss them with Dr. Freeman before receiving Botox® injections.

Call Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman when you are considering Botox® injections. He can perform these injections at his clinic, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery in Charlotte NC.