Facelift without surgery in Charlotte, NC

Facelifts can help patients fight signs of aging 

Facelift without surgery is one option to help Charlotte, NC patients fight signs of aging. All types of facelifts can help patients feel better about their appearance by treating many different signs of aging on the face. However, not all patients can afford surgery right then, or they may feel the work they want to be done doesn’t warrant a full procedure. A facelift without surgery may be a better option for these patients.  

Facelift without surgery uses fillers to improve many areas of the face 

A facelift without surgery is commonly known as a liquid facelift. In this procedure, the physician will use various facial and dermal fillers to rejuvenate the face and treat the areas that are beginning to show signs of aging. Some of the areas liquid facelifts can help treat are fine lines such as crows feet around the eyes, frown lines, enhance thinning lips, make the cheeks look more prominent, and more. 

There are many advantages to having a facelift without surgery 

There are many things patients may find attractive when comparing nonsurgical facelifts versus surgical facelifts. One significant benefit is that patients will see the results right away, and results will improve over the next few days as the area heals. Patients will also not need to take time away from work to recover, and they can usually return to work immediately following the surgery if they choose.   

Another benefit of the procedure is that no incisions are made, and patients do not need to be put under anesthesia like they would if undergoing a surgical procedure. Instead, patients can have the injections done in the doctor’s office and can stay awake during it. Though patients may experience some bruising and swelling around the injection sites, those fade quickly and pose less risk of infection than incisions. 

This procedure offers temporary results 

Though nonsurgical facelifts have many benefits, there are also some factors patients need to consider before having the injections. Liquid facelifts do not offer permanent results. In fact, most patients can expect to see results that last anywhere from six months to two years. This can lead to repeat cost as more injections are needed to maintain the results. However, many patients have the procedure to stave off the need for surgery and plan on having the surgery later, so they only have injections once.  

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon 

Charlotte, NC residents who are interested in learning more about facelift without surgery should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Dr. Freeman takes great care to ensure patients get the results they desire the first time. Be sure to contact his office to schedule a consultation today. 


Meet Dr. Sean Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988. As a leader in his field who has invented advanced surgical techniques, he is frequently called upon to teach and represent his peers. Learn more about his vast experience and qualifications.


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