Best way to look younger differs for each Charlotte, NC patient with options ranging from surgical cosmetic procedures to nonsurgical options such as fillers.

There is no set best way to look younger
Best way to look younger is not the same for every patient in Charlotte, NC and across the world. Each person is unique as is their needs. While lotions and creams may help stave off the effects of aging for a while, some people may need more drastic measures and are not sure what the best option for them is. Whether you are searching for the best way to look younger to help improve your confidence, feel better about a flaw, or for other reasons, your best option will be unique to you.

Your doctor can help determine the best way to look younger for you
Patients who are considering plastic surgery of some kind to help look younger may not always know the best treatment option for their concern. Your doctor can assist in determining the best way to look younger for you after a consultation and examination. Once you’ve decided on a surgeon, you’ll need to meet with them. At this meeting, you and your doctor will discuss your concerns and goals, and they will do an examination of your face, skin, and even hairline. This all helps them determine the best course of action to help you look your best.

Surgical options offer long lasting results
If a surgical cosmetic procedure is recommended, like a facelift, rhinoplasty, or other treatment requiring sedation or anesthesia, the patient can usually anticipate longer lasting results. While some are permanent, others are just long lasting. Be sure to ask your doctor how long you can expect results to last before having surgery. These options also typically require a longer recovery period before patients can see their new look.

Nonsurgical options offer quick results that don’t last as long
Nonsurgical options are also popular for people wanting to know the best way to look younger. The ever popular BOTOX is a common method doctors use to help eliminate and reduce wrinkles on the face. Other fillers, like lip fillers, can help restore people’s pout as well.

These treatments, and others, typically offer quick, if not immediate, results for those who have them. However, they are generally not permanent, and repeated treatments may be needed to maintain your results. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your doctor before undergoing treatment.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon
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