Best procedure for wrinkles varies for person in Charlotte, NC and across the globe, discover how to find the best treatment for you.

There is no set best procedure for wrinkles
Best procedure for wrinkles is not the same for every Charlotte, NC patient. The type of procedure a person needs varies based on many factors. What works best for one person may not work best for someone else. Instead, your surgeon will recommend a course of treatment following an evaluation. This treatment may utilize a variety of different procedures, or just one.

Patients undergo treatment for wrinkles for many different reasons
Many different factors can cause wrinkles. Repeated use of the muscle can cause dynamic wrinkles while fine lines may develop naturally as people age. Others still may start to notice deeper wrinkles form as their skin starts to sag due to age.

No matter the cause of wrinkles, they can leave patients feeling self conscious about their appearance. That may be one of the biggest reasons patients undergo treatment for wrinkles; to improve their appearance and look younger. Though that is one of the most popular reasons, it isn’t the only one, and each patient’s reasons for removing wrinkles is unique to them.

There are many different ways to treat wrinkles
The best procedure for wrinkles is dependent on what you hope to accomplish, the type of wrinkles you have, and other factors. Your surgeon will discuss the best options for you at your consultation.

There are some ways to treat wrinkles surgically. Surgery is often a way to treat deep wrinkles and usually produces longer lasting results than nonsurgical treatments do. Deep wrinkles that are caused by sagging skin may benefit from a surgical lift, depending on their location. Facelifts and eyelifts are options as they lift the skin and put it back in its normal position, which smoothes out wrinkles.

Nonsurgical treatment options are injections such as BOTOX and injectable fillers. These can often treat fine lines and dynamic wrinkles. Injections typically last three to six months so repeat treatments would be required. Lasers can also be used to treat wrinkles if a patient can’t have BOTOX or if the wrinkle is in a difficult to reach spot.

But, the best procedure for wrinkles may be a combination of treatments. For example, a browlift may be done in conjunction with an injection like BOTOX to give the patient maximum results as it freezes the muscle and pulls the skin tighter.

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