Best Nose job surgeon in Charlotte

Nose job surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman and his practices

Nose job surgeon procedures can do a great deal for your appearance. Also known as a rhinoplasty, a nose job can help you achieve a better facial balance, as well as fix any problems that you have breathing through your nose. Luckily, if you live near or around Charlotte, NC, you have access to Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Having worked in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988, Dr. Sean Freeman is your go-to doctor for any rhinoplasty or other facial procedure.

Rhinoplasty techniques

People visit nose job surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman for his various rhinoplasty techniques. Let’s see how Dr. Freeman can approach your procedure. Firstly, everybody’s nose is different. The nose skin varies in thickness. The thickness can be moderate at the top, to thin in the middle and thick toward the tip. With that being said, the thicker a patient’s skin is, the thinner the cartilage is that supports it.

During a rhinoplasty, the nose job surgeon will most likely adjust the cartilage in the nose in order to improve its shape. There are two types of cartilage that are adjusted during these procedures: the upper lateral and the lower lateral cartilage. The shape of the upper lateral cartilage affects the width of the supratip, which is the part of the nose that connects the nasal dorsum (external ridge of the nose), to the tip. The shape of the lower lateral cartilage affects the shape of the nasal tip. With that being said, Dr. Freeman will make an incision inside the nose that will adjust these pieces of cartilage, as well as the medial bones found inside of the nose.

Nose job surgeon Dr. Freeman can make significant improvements to the appearance of your nose. He can improve the tip of your nose by trimming a portion of the lower lateral cartilage, which helps to refine the tip. He can also reduce the nasal hump that is commonly found in the bridge of the nose. The upper lateral cartilage is reshaped in order to reduce the nasal hump and bring it in sync with the tip and rest of the nose. On top of its aesthetic appearance, these procedures can help the patient breathe easier as well!

If you’re from Charlotte, NC, and looking for a nose job surgeon, look no further than Dr. Sean Freeman. His expertise in the field are unparalleled. Find out why so many doctors and former patients consider him a revolutionary in the field.