The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC, is the one you want to call for a face lift. The facelift procedure is getting more common over the years. How does it help you? As one age, the facial skin becomes saggy, and in worst cases, it starts to obstruct vision. In the early stages, people feel that they can manage it buy over time, it gets worse than they seek Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon for a surgery that will help take care of the predicament. The best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman, delivers the best facial surgery you will see out there. He decreases the visibility of the saggy skin and wrinkles in the face. With him, you need not worry about anything going wrong. You should know that skin aging is natural, and everyone will experience it at some point in their lives.

In what ways does aging affect the skin?

Most Charlotte, NC, see a facial plastic surgeon see the doctor for cosmetic reasons. It is natural for your wrinkles to increase on getting older. Many people panic when they see signs of aging on their faces. If you are uncomfortable with it or it gets too unbearable, please reach out to the best facial plastic surgeon. Here are some ways that aging affects your skin:

  • Loose and thinner skin: Aging makes the skin loose and thinner. This is due to the fact that aging results in the depletion of elastin and collagen in the facial skin. Those constituents enable the skin to regenerate, but a shortened supply would significantly contribute to the increment of wrinkles.
  • Lower strength and elasticity: The same elastin and collagen are also responsible for your skin’s elasticity and strength. The depletion makes your skin weak, which results in sagginess and lesser elasticity.
  • Due to physical factors, the skin becomes wrinkled also: In the process of living your day to day activities, you expose your skin to sunlight, harsh weather, they contribute to the aging process. So when you get old, your skin might show some signs of discoloration.
  • A general reduction in skin quality: You can’t expect your skin to retain the bright, youthful look forever; age will catch up.

Getting the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC

If you stay in Charlotte, NC, and surroundings, you should not look elsewhere for your facial surgery. A facial plastic surgeon resides near you; you should count yourself lucky and take advantage of it. Not everyone has the opportunity to be operated on by the best facial plastic surgeon. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to find which the best procedure for you is and how to proceed.