Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Best facial plastic surgeons and other grand words are titles bestowed upon only the most experienced surgeons. Finding the right plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC, or any other major city is not an exact science. It is difficult to wholeheartedly declare that certain professionals are at the top of their field, with so many doctors and specialists operating in the area. Plastic surgery is a wide and complex field. And like most professional fields, only experience, literature, and hard results can truly distinguish leading professionals from average and mediocre ones.

How do you decide if they are really the best facial plastic surgeon in your area?

The results of a scheduled procedure or surgery will give you more or less a reflection of the surgeon’s skills and aesthetic sense. Depending on what the doctor has to work with, that is your body, the results can range from horrible to average, to very good. No plastic surgeon is a magician, but more experienced, more knowledgeable specialists will, most often than not, be able to give you the results you want.

So, when searching for the right doctor in the Charlotte NC are, you need to:

  • Find out if he is a specialist at the procedure you are interested in
  • Look at his/her before and after picture and find out if their aesthetic sense tallies with yours.
  • Look into his or her academic career, and see what contributions he has made towards bettering his field.
  • Their offices, the kind of accreditations they have for their operating facility (look for AAAASF, AAAHC, JCAHQ, and IMQ).
  • Look at the prices he or she offers
  • How long has he/she been performing the procedures, and how consistent are the results?

If you had to pick one feature to base your decision on?

Academics are no doubt brilliant, but that doesn’t mean they are the best facial plastic surgeons. This even holds less true for specialists and doctors with the flashiest offices and buildings. The only true way to know what you are about to get into going in is to meet up with patients who the surgeon has worked with in the past, preferably ones who have a similar torso or frame with you.

Choosing the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

The best specialist on paper might not be the best facial plastic surgeon for you. In the Charlotte NC area, for example, there are dozens of great specialists, but each of them has different offices, attitudes, prices, consultation protocols, etc.

They all promise a unique experience, exclusive to their practice alone, and you should visit as many doctors as you can before choosing which specialist you think is the best facial plastic surgeon for you. It’s important to compare and contrast, to always make sure you don’t settle for less when there is a better offer on the table. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your doctor; their attitude can significantly impact your results and recovery.  Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.