The best facial plastic surgeon can adjust your facial structure and make you look attractive. Over time facial plastic surgery has become a common procedure with many people opting for various procedures including rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Genioplasty (chin Augmentation), Rhytidectomy (facelift), otoplasty (ear repositioning), browlift, fat transfer, and liposuction.

Many clients seek the best facial plastic surgery to reverse changes that may occur with aging, such as decreased tissue volume around the neck and face, loose skin, fine lines on the forehead, crow’s-feet at the corner of the eyes, loss of jawline contour, double chin and sagging jowl.

How to find the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte

Finding the best facial plastic surgeon is the first step to receiving a quality procedure. You need to find a dedicated clinic that will focus on your face when you want to look rejuvenated. A dedicated facial surgeon will help you have a wide range of intensive options to have you looking youthful and beautiful. Getting an expert in this environment will enable you to have intelligent discussions plus let you know what your expectations for the surgery will be.

The clinic you choose should have specialists that are licensed and reputable. A fundamental requirement to check before settling on a particular clinic is if the doctor(s) are board-certified. The doctor(s) should also have an M.D. degree from an accredited school of medicine (M.D. refers to the Doctor of Medicine degree). Typically, the doctor should also have a ‘postgraduate’ degree. The clinic’s website should have all this information, but you can also contact them for further clarification.

But before you can dive into facial plastic surgery, you need to remember that there are different factors that need to be considered before you can schedule a procedure. You will need to discuss your procedure with your doctor. He may recommend the non-surgical procedure. Some less reputable sources may insist that only a full surgery can deliver your desired results, the best facial plastic surgeon will weigh the chances of success and advise you accordingly.

Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC

When you searching for a clinic that specializes in facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, you will find a wide variety of procedures and this will give you a wide portfolio of options. Just as stated above, you can have rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, fillers, cheek implants, and much more. Your doctor will help you choose the right surgery for you.

There is one aspect when choosing the best facial plastic surgeon is viewing the results of past surgical procedures. This is done through the ‘before and after’ photos of past clients. Established clinics will also have testimonials that indicate that they are going to give the best facial plastic surgery.

Visit Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman will answer any question that you may have. The clinic’s website also has a frequently asked Question page where you can learn more. However, if you are still in doubt you can call the clinic and they will schedule a face to face consultation

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which the best procedure for you is, and how to proceed.