Best facial plastic surgeon offers aftercare guidelines to speed up recovery

Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC handles the whole procedure well to make sure you end up with great results. Before you can see some tangible results, you have to go through the recovery phase. This is often coupled with side effects of the procedure like swelling and bruising and can be quite uncomfortable for the patient.

So that they can return to work, the swelling and bruising must die down. This can take a while, but did you know there are several ways you can speed up recovery? This article covers some of the key ways you can get the recovery results you yearn for in no time.

Follow your doctors’ instructions

For smooth recovery and the greatest outcomes possible, follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your plastic surgeon. For example, your plastic surgeon’s precise aftercare instructions will specify which drugs and vitamins you should take and which you shouldn’t, when and how long to wear a compression garment, how to properly clean wounds, and when to start exercising again. Follow your plastic surgeon’s directions to the letter because they will vary depending on your treatment and other elements unique to your case.

Daily movement can help

After having plastic surgery, you will need to allow your body plenty of time to relax and recover, but this does not mean you have to spend all of your time on the sofa. Getting up and moving throughout the day can assist to maintain healthy circulation and minimize swelling. It also hastens your recovery from surgery—even if it’s just for a little stroll around the home or outside.

Of course, after having cosmetic surgery, you shouldn’t move too much. Instead, pay attention to your body, rest when necessary, and consult with your plastic surgeon before beginning any intense exercise or movement regimen.

Eating healthy

Do not discount the power of a healthy meal. Balanced diets have the immune-boosting ability, allowing the body to optimize healing processes. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks; instead, drink enough water throughout the day to help you recover from surgery faster.

Avoid smoking

Tobacco use can inhibit the body’s ability to heal properly, often leading to complications during recovery. You should avoid smoking or vaping since it can get in the way of you achieving desirable results.

Work with the best facial plastic surgeon in the Charlotte NC area

Faster facelift recovery exposes your improved look, but you need to be careful to avoid complications. Consult with the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC to enjoy top results.

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