Best facial plastic surgeon can guarantee the best facelift results

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC offers facelift surgery to improve patients’ looks. The facelift procedure has become more popular than ever, with more people opting for it due to the instant and long-term results.

With the popularity comes some new concerns about the procedures. There is so much misleading information, leaving interested parties with many questions.

The most experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC, answers some of the questions in this post.

What is a facelift?

Facelifts are aesthetic surgery procedures that use small incisions on the side of the face to manipulate facial tissues. The overall effect is tightening facial tissues to offer the subject a youthful appearance.

The small incisions are unobtrusive, so the procedure is considered non-invasive.

Why are facelifts popular?

The face is among the most visible parts of the human body, dictating identity. How you are perceived by most people, at first sight, is through how they see your face.

Most social media communication and video conferencing require you to show your face in today’s world. Facelifts let you improve your facial appearance to make them appealing.

What do people use facelifts for?

People commonly use facelift procedures to reverse aging signs in the face and neck. Some of the patients’ signs seek to do away with include wrinkles and aging lines.

If done correctly, the facelift offers natural-like aesthetic improvement results. Such results are preferred by most people that despise cosmetic surgery.

Is facelift applicable for everyone?

Facelifts are a way to improve each patient’s appearance, but not everyone can have the procedure. You need your case verified by a facial plastic surgeon to determine eligibility.

Good candidates for a facelift procedure are people with such signs;

  • Lax muscle tissue within the cheek and neck area
  • Sagging skin on the jawline
  • Dropping jowls
  • Wrinkles on the forehead, mouth, and nose
  • Folding neck skin

How long do the results last?

The results of a facelift last for about ten years, meaning lasting confidence for the patient and delayed aging signs.

In men, the patients who undergo the procedure appear younger and more masculine. Females enjoy the youthful appeal with glowing skin accentuating their beauty.

Who performs a facelift?

You should only trust a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon for the facelift procedure. They offer the safest surgical procedures for the best outcome. Take your time with the selection and look through every option before deciding who to trust with your appearance.

Hire the best facial plastic surgeon in the Charlotte NC area

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte can help achieve impressive facelift results. They also offer truthful information about the procedure, so you can trust them to deliver.

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