Best Charlotte nose job surgeon is ready to do your rhinoplasty surgery 

Best Charlotte nose job surgeon is the one you want when it’s time to get your long awaited nose job. You want to find the most experienced surgeon in the Charlotte region. Your face is very important, and you only want the very best facial plastic surgeon working on your face. Nose jobs, which are also known as rhinoplasty surgeries, are known to be difficult surgeries. 

Only trust the best for your nose job 

Google “revision rhinoplasty” and you will find that many people were not satisfied with their first nose surgery and had to consult another surgeon to get their rhinoplasty fixed. If you do your research in advance, and consult the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in the Charlotte area, you will only need to have one nose job, and that nose job will be successful.   

Find someone that specializes in nose surgeries 

Dr. Sean Freeman of specializes in only faces. He has many years of expertise providing facial plastic surgery to hundreds of satisfied patients. From nose jobs, to face lifts to eye lifts- he specializes in just helping faces look natural and more like you desire. Noses aren’t the only thing that this Charlotte nose job surgeon works on 

In addition to this phenomenal nose work, Dr. Freeman also offers may other facial surgery procedures with the same amount of care and attention-to-detail. Some of his most notable alternative operations include: 


  • Blepharoplasty — Eyelid surgery that helps to get rid of sagging and irritated eyes that are often the result of aging 
  • SOOF Lift — A surgery that’s performed on either the upper or lower eyelids to help rejuvenate them and restore their once youthful appearance 
  • Endoscopic Brow Lifts — Dr. Freeman was one of the first doctors in not only the Charlotte area, but the entire United States to successfully perform this surgery that corrects a droopy brow 

 Reviews on Best Charlotte nose job surgeon- Dr. Sean Freeman 

“Dr. Freeman understood from the first consultation as to what I was looking for to make my face of a sixty year old look like I felt inside, a woman in her late forties. Dr. Freeman and his staff went to extreme measures to make sure that all of my procedures and recovery were done with my well-being as a top priority.”  

“From the very first consultation, I trusted Dr. Freeman and his staff. His technical skill and abilities are amazing…”  

“I choose Dr. Freeman after looking at his portfolio of work. He is a real artist and I wanted him to do my facial procedure. He did not disappoint!”  

Making the first step to getting your life back 

First impressions really matter, and getting a nose job might be that first step to raising your self-esteem and helping you feel better about yourself.  Contact Dr. Sean Freeman if you’d like to discuss whether a nose job is right for you. Dr. Freeman is a Charlotte nose job surgeon who’s been practicing since 1988. With years of education and experience, he’s one of the most trusted names around.