Average cost of lip injections in Charlotte, NC is determined by many different factors such as solution used and the amount used.

The cost of a procedure is one of the first things potential patients want to know
Average cost of lip injections is one of the first things potential Charlotte, NC patients want to know before undergoing the procedure. Like with most plastic surgeries, patients are often required to foot the entire bill for the procedure themselves. This can often lead to patients needing time to save up the money for the treatment, and any follow up care that would be required.

Patients may choose to get lip injections for many reasons
Lip injections are a way for many people to feel better about their appearance. Some people may have thin lips naturally and wish to enhance them if it is an area they are self conscious about. Other people may notice their lips start to thin or turn in as they get older. Lip injections address these issues and help patients look younger and feel more confident.

There is no average cost of lip injections
Though the cost of lip injections is often the first thing patients want to know when beginning their research into the procedure, it is an answer that is difficult to find. Unfortunately, there is no average cost of lip injections. Many different factors go into determining the price, so it’s hard to nail down an exact cost without a doctor. Your doctor will be able to give you a price when you go in for your consultation.

The type of filler used and the amount used are one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of the injections. Fillers are often sold per unit so the more that is needed, the higher the price. The type of filler used also plays a role in the price. The doctor will determine the type used based on an examination, the goals of the patient, and the type of fillers that are available in their area.

Cheaper is not always better
Though there is no average cost of lip injections, a price that seems too low or like too good of a deal should be a red flag. Poor quality products can leave patients with undesirable results and complications. Get a few quotes from doctors and see if there is one that is way lower than the others and see why. If a deal sounds too good to be true on the price of lip injections, it probably is.

Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastics surgeon
Charlotte, NC patients who are looking to enhance their lips should contact Dr. Sean Freeman. Though there is no average cost of lip injections, Dr. Freeman would be happy to give you a consultation and price quote so you know how much you will need to spend on the procedure. Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has years of experience helping patients look their best. Be sure to check out his website to view the photo gallery and call to set up your consultation today.