The average cost of a facelift can vary greatly for each patient

Average cost of a facelift can vary widely for each patient. When patients plan on having cosmetic plastic surgery, such as a facelift, patients must often save up the money to pay for the procedure. Unfortunately, there is no set cost for the procedure. Patients should obtain a quote from their surgeon during the consultation.

There is no average cost of a facelift

Unfortunately, there is not an average cost of a facelift patients can use to start planning. Patients can spend anywhere between $7,500.00 and $50,000.00. These costs include many different charges and fees, which patients should take into consideration to understand the price. Keep in mind, facelifts last for years if done properly so it is not an expense that reoccurs often.

Many charges go in to determining the cost of the procedure

The surgeon’s fee for the actual surgery is probably the most common fee people equate with cosmetic surgeries. However, other factors go into determining the cost as well. Again, since facelifts last for many years it will not be an expense patients must pay repeatedly.

Often, many patients will have other procedures done in addition to the facelift. Brow lifts and eyelid surgeries are commonly done with a facelift. These surgeries have  their own fees as well and contribute to the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Anesthesia, if used, is also included in the patient’s price. The cost of the surgical room, recovery room, and any prescriptions given while at the hospital all go into the price as well. Doctor’s visits before and after surgery are required and may be included in the total. The initial consultation is usually a separate fee that must be paid when the appointment is made.

Insurance will not usually help cover any part of the cost

Insurance usually helps cover surgical expenses when a patient has surgery in a hospital for a medical reason. However, most insurance plans do not cover plastic surgery procedures for cosmetic purposes. Patients should check with their insurance company to see if it is covered, but typically insurance only covers operations that are done for medical reasons.

Charlotte’s most experienced facelift surgeon

Charlotte, NC residents who are facelift surgery want to be sure they have the best, most experienced surgeon perform the procedure. Since there is no average cost of a facelift, it is important to find the most experienced surgeon, so you only pay once. Dr. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced facelift surgeon. Dr. Freeman is double board certified which means he has undergone additional training and logged more surgeries than surgeons who are just licensed. Dr. Freeman has also focused exclusively on facial plastic surgery since 1988. Be sure to contact his office to schedule a consultation.