Advice for those considering undergoing rhinoplasty in Charlotte

What to know when you are undergoing a rhinoplasty in Charlotte

If you are unhappy with your nose, or you have difficulty breathing; you may be considering to undergo rhinoplasty in Charlotte. A skilled plastic surgeon can change many things about your nose, including its size, width at the bridge, its profile, and even the size and position of the nostrils. Some plastic surgeons specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty, a great option for people of different ethnicities and backgrounds who are looking for a subtle change to their nose.

Undergoing a rhinoplasty in Charlotte can also reshape the nasal tip and correct nasal asymmetry. It is also the method by which your plastic surgeon can correct certain breathing difficulties, such as those that are related to a deviated septum or for certain birth defects. If you have been injured in car or sports accident, that also makes you a candidate for rhinoplasty.

Defining rhinoplasty

Undergoing a rhinoplasty in Charlotte is a surgical procedure that is designed to reshape the nose. Commonly, it is referred to as a “nose job.” Your surgeon can subtly, or dramatically improve your appearance with this procedure. The first step is to schedule a consultation and evaluation with a surgeon. Your chosen surgeon will typically take photographs of your nose at varying angles. He or she will also ask you about your expectations to make sure that they are realistic. It certainly helps to bring photographs of noses that appeal to you. This will give the surgeon a better idea of the results you desire from your rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will likely show you photos of other rhinoplasty patients with similar nose shapes. This can give you a clearer understanding of the possible results.

Consultation with Dr. Freeman

If you wish to discuss rhinoplasty with Dr. Freeman, you should be prepared to answer questions about your existing and past medical conditions. Be sure to tell him about any medications that you are taking, as well as any other surgeries that you have had. He will help you develop a clear understanding of why you want rhinoplasty, and what you are expecting in terms of appearance after the procedure. Dr. Freeman will make sure that you understand the risks, and his expectations. If you are one of the many people who are considering Undergoing a rhinoplasty in Charlotte, see Dr. Freeman to