Find out if a minituck is right for you

A minituck in Charlotte or a regular facelift? Since every part of the face ages in slightly different ways, every part needs slightly different cosmetic procedures to make it look younger. The brow lift and the neck lift are for the forehead and neck, respectively. The eyelids have two different forms of surgery associated with…Read More »

Frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty

Frequently asked questions about top rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC Here are some questions people in the Charlotte area might have about top rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC, along with the answers: When it comes to rhinoplasty, are there any important differences between men and women? The basic shape is the same, but the bridge of a…Read More »

Weekend facelifts only for certain patients

If you need a facelift The goal of every facelift is to restore the appearance of youth. Since no two faces are alike even when they’re young, and individual patterns of aging are all slightly different, every facelift is a little different — it must be tailored to the individual patient. A face lift is…Read More »

Medical rhinoplasty

When you need medical rhinoplasty Medical rhinoplasty after an accident Unlike regular cosmetic rhinoplasty, medical rhinoplasty is done to correct either a fresh injury or an old one. There’s a reason for the saying “as plain as the nose on your face” — the nose is a prominence in the center of the face, the…Read More »

Nasal hump rhinoplasty

Nasal hump rhinoplasty in Charlotte Looking for nasal hump rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC (The following is a dramatization.) I was talking about my face to a friend of mine who’s in medical school, and she said I should consider nasal hump rhinoplasty. I thought the problem was that my nose was too big, but she…Read More »


For Faces Only – Dr. M. Sean Freeman Turns Back the Clock
In an article from Today's Charlotte Woman magazine, Dr. Freeman talks about how he and his staff at the Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery specialize in faces only, allowing them to refine existing techniques and achieve amazing results.... Read More »


Meet Dr. Sean Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988. As a leader in his field who has invented advanced surgical techniques, he is frequently called upon to teach and represent his peers. Learn more about his vast experience and qualifications.